Website and Forum User Guide

NHS PASG Website and Forum User Guide


1.    Homepage

  •   Notices 
  • Upcoming events
  •  PASG
  •  Register
  • Contact

2.    Once registered
3.    Secure area
4.    Documents
5.    Forum
6.    Search
7.    Administration

1.    Homepage

The homepage gives a brief description of who NHS PASG is. There is also a latest news section which can be updated by the administrator. All registered users will be notified by email when this is updated. This will be discussed in more detail further in the guide.

 On the homepage there are a number of tabs which can be accessed by the general public.

•    Upcoming Events
This section contains details of any upcoming events which are related to NHS pharmaceutical technical services. These may be training days, conferences or other meetings. Use this tab to keep up to date with what is going on and for contact details to find out more detail regarding these events. 

•    PASG

This section contains the terms of reference of the NHS PASG.

•    Register

Use this tab if you wish to register for access to the website and forum. Simply complete the online registration form with your email address, name, and hospital. If you are from an NHS organization PLEASE USE AN NHS EMAIL ADDRESS TO REGISTER. If you are not from a hospital enter your work details in the hospital box. Click ‘register user’ and your request will be sent to the administrator. Once approved you will be emailed a password to enter the site. 

•    Contact

If you wish to contact a member of PASG you can complete the online form on the contact tab.  The administrator will pass this message onto the relevant members of PASG who will be able to respond to your enquiry. 

2.    Once registered

When you log in for the first time you can change your user preferences. The default setting for notifications on your account is that you will be emailed immediately when there is activity on the website eg a new conversation on the forum or a reply to a conversation, a new notice added or a new document added. It is recommended you keep this setting however this can be amended to daily by clicking ‘daily digest’ in the user preferences or weekly by clicking ‘weekly digest’.  To access your user preferences click on the downwards arrow underneath your user name (email address) in the top right hand corner. 

You will also use this downwards arrow to change your password and log out.

Your home page when you log in will also have a summary of any changes since you last logged in including latest documents, latest conversations on the forum and latest notices. Any upcoming events from the events diary are also shown on this screen. 

3.    Secure Area

Once you have logged in you will see there is an additional tab along the top of the screen ‘secure area’. It is through this tab that you can access any stored documents, the chat forum, notices and events. 

4.    Documents

The documents section of the secure area is organised in folders according to the documents which are held within them. The documents being held in here is constantly changing depending on latest guidance etc however at the time of go live there were folders containing documents on the following topics;

o    2013 Sharps Regulations
o    Aseptic errors
o    Health and Safety
o    Intrathecal doses
o    MHRA guidance
o    Risk assessment of Injectable medicines
o    Safer connecting neuraxial devices
o    Training 

Simply click on the folder to see the types of documents and names of documents held within this folder. Alternatively to search for a document simply enter the search term in the ‘document search’ box at the top right hand side of the page.

5.    Forum

The forum section of the website allows registered users to ask a question to the other registered users. To do this click on ‘forum’ in the secure area tab, Click on PASG forum 

And then click on add new post

To enter a post simply add a title in the title page and type your question in the main body part of the message. You may enter tags in the tag box if you wish eg if you had a question around the stability of neonatal parenteral nutrition you could enter the tags neonatal, stability, parenteral nutrition. Adding these tags helps the search function however the search function also works from the title. To ensure the search function works best then please ensure the title contains all relevant words pertinent to your query or add these in as tags. 

To submit your forum question simply press submit and this forum post will be emailed to all users instantly who have ‘instantly’ set as their user preference. 

All users who have set their preferences instantly will be sent an email containing the content of this message.
If you wish to reply to it simply log into your account, click on secure area and forum. You will be presented with a list of forum topics to date. Simply click on the forum conversation you wish to reply to and type your reply.

6.    Search

If you are unsure whether a certain topic has already been discussed as a forum topic or if there are any documents on this subject you can search both sections of the website at once. To do this simply enter the term in the search box in the centre of your log in screen and keep the filter to ‘all’. This will search the entire content of the website including the forum and documents pages. 

7.    Administration

If you have forgotten your password click the forgotten password link and you will be asked to retype your email address. A message will then be sent to the administrator who will reset your password. 
If you have any queries regards this website or forum you may email the website administrator at .