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GBUK NRFit NHS advice note final.pdf
Review of GBUK NRFit syringe testing protocols and results against NHS protocols Products: DASH 6 NRFit Lock Syringes and Caps from GBUK
25/10/2017 John Landers
NHS PASG advice note - BBraun NRFit syringes.pdf
Review of BBraun NRFit syringe testing protocols and results against NHS protocols. Products: BBraun NRFit Lock Syringes with GBUK Caps. The NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Group published its requirements for the introduction of NRFit neuraxial syringes and caps for the purposes of drug storage on 13th October 2016. This is necessary as, in line with other standard plastic syringes, these are CE marked for the administration of drug products but not for storage. Hence in order to allow aseptic facilities to draw up medication in advance and store ahead of administration the additional data was requested.
12/03/2018 James Hargraves
NHS_Briefing_on_ISO80369-6_Deviced_Deployment_Version_1 (1).pdf
31/03/2017 WJPS Office
PASG Interim Neuraxial Device Guidance version 1.pdf
13/10/2017 WJPS Office