Research and Scientific Services (RSS) Division

* We provide comprehensive, licensed, and accredited pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology, sterility testing, site testing, and research & development services of the highest standards from state of the art facilities using appropriately trained and qualified staff, in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice requirements and relevant ISO/UKAS standards, to North West NHS Trusts and to other NHS and non-NHS users.
* We carry out pharmaceutical research and development, particularly in support of manufacturing and aseptic preparation of medicines, in the areas of pharmaceutical formulation and stability
* We provide investigational medicinal product (IMP) support and provide QP(IMP) services to all north west Trusts.
* We carry out quality control testing of medical gas installations in all north west hospitals in compliance with Health Technical Memorandum HTM02.
* We carry out monitoring of aseptic environments for cytotoxic residues using LC/MS technology.