National Aseptic Error Reporting Scheme

The NAER scheme has been running now since 2003, and was relaunched in the current format in September 2016.

NAERS Briefing Note 08 2020

Data reported should include all errors and near misses between the receipt of the screened prescription and the point of administration to the patient (i.e. all non conformances in the process whether or not product affected or the incident has got to the next stage of the process). For example a selection error self detected and corrected by an operator before asking for a check would not be included but if it had been detected at the requested check by a second person it would be included.

Unlicensed units are reminded that reporting of data into the scheme is a requirement of the EL audit process.

All units should be aware that reporting data into the scheme was mandated by the Toft report into the Vinorelbine incident and the Paediatric and Neonatal Chief Pharmacists Groups report into the safety of Parenteral Nutrition.

To assist in collection, review and submission of this data, members of the PASG committee have shared the following tools that can be adapted for local use:

NAERS Coding Form v1.doc

Error Report for trending.xlsx

The coding form can be retained in the work areas for quick collection of the error data.

The Excel template consists of drop-down lists for each section of the data required for submission.  The first page 'Data' can be used to submit data the monthly data.  Additional tables in this spreadsheet collect this information and allow trending of data via charts.  Historical monthly data can also be inputted into the tables at the end of the spreadsheet to enable historical trending.

All error reports should be submitted via email to

NHS-based PASG website members can review the NAERS newsletters here.